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Cover "Goyang Duo VJ ARSA" Live Keramasan Palembang (120818) Created By Royal Studio
Viewed 30,729 times and has 1:00:22 duration.
Cover DJ Pentong "MUSCURANE" Scorpion RZT Keramasan (251218) By Royal Studio
Viewed 4,198 times and has 57:57 duration.
Cover Rutukan kocak Vj Mira pada Bos OT ARSA
Viewed 262 times and has 1:00 duration.
Cover OT RALES GOYANG 80 JUTA VIRAL 2019 By. Royal Studio. | OTM OT RALES #3
Viewed 169 times and has 1:00:40 duration.
Cover Dj OT Full Remix Palembang 2019
Viewed 392 times and has 1:01:25 duration.
Cover OT ARSA & OT RALES Banjir Saweran
Viewed 59,405 times and has 18:48 duration.
Viewed 40,002 times and has 30:10 duration.
Cover shangri-la live sukapulih2damarsari.
Viewed 159 times and has 13:06 duration.
Cover Kacaw Arsa Live Sungai Pinang,, di stop tuan Rumah jam 15.00 wib
Viewed 115,381 times and has 1:57 duration.
Cover "Wik Wik Wik" ARSA Penyandingan Teluk Gelam OKI (231218) Created By Royal Studio
Viewed 51,175 times and has 1:00:26 duration.
Cover "Oi Adek Berjilbab Ungu" Arsa Live Tanjung Agas Bersama Benz Entertainment
Viewed 150,287 times and has 1:03:56 duration.
Cover "Goyang 2 Jari ALABHA" Live Rambai P.Lampam (080718) Created By Royal Studio
Viewed 2,373 times and has 58:40 duration.
Cover Talang kelapa bergiyang
Viewed 762 times and has 2:00:40 duration.
Cover Dangdut ARSA Buluh Cawang
Viewed 3,376 times and has 59:38 duration.
Cover Ot.madona live show desa pematang kijang
Viewed 630 times and has 1:13:25 duration.